In the Redwoods

My shop features fabric and crochet soft goods including coffee cozies, coasters, glasses cases, scarves, baby hats, balloon balls (reusable toy for kids etc.), rainbow heart quilted t-shirts, crochet afghans, and quilted baby blankets. Sewing and crochet have been my passion for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I'd take fabric scraps from my mom's projects to sew clothes and blankets for my dolls. My inspiration is for reusable items that are also pretty and fun to use. One of my biggest sewing accomplishments to date was my own wedding dress, along with the bridesmaid and groomsman outfits. The crochet hook is my tool of choice when it comes to yarn, and you won't often find me without a bit of yarn and a work in progress. I usually make up my own patterns as I go along, and I enjoy teaching others to crochet. The name "In The Redwoods" came from my love of the forest, especially in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where my family and I live.