The Nibblers

In 2009, The Nibblers formed out of a love and appreciation for obscure R&B, Funk, and Soul recordings from the ‘60s and ‘70s. What started out a small project of love soon became a fully realized 8-piece band, playing for an ever growing audience hungry for music that feeds both the booty and the brain. Over the past eight years, the band has evolved, with many talented players, blending their own original work with the classic flavor of the music that inspires them. From the blistering horns, the meaty rhythm section, to the soulful singing, The Nibblers put out a sound that makes you want to move from your head down to your tail. They’ve shared their sound at music festivals such as High Sierra, Guitarfish, For The Funk Of It, Hangtown Halloween Ball, and enjoy playing alongside the great bands that make up the family of funk.