Horgos School of Charm

I create an open, interactive booth featuring my latest wood carvings and other recent projects that strike my fancy. I keep my booth simple and like days of old.


Carol L. Riddle, Artist

I received my bachelor’s degree in Advertising Art from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, in 1965. After spending most of my working life in the Printing Industry, I have decided to pursue my lifelong interest in painting. 

My work primarily consists of landscape watercolors, although I occasionally work in pastels as well. With the use of both on-site and studio painting, I try to capture the beauty of our local scene, choosing to depict what one might see while visiting Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas.


Dyann Marie Paynovich, Jeweler

I sell eclectic contemporary jewelry that I design and make myself. The materials I use include stone beads and rough stone, glass beads, sterling silver, copper, and Precious Metal Clay (PMC). This is an incredible material that consists of fine silver, water, and an organic binder. After sculpting a pendant or other jewelry component, I fire it in a kiln at about 1650 degrees. The water and organic binder burn off, and the silver is sintered. The result is a 99.9% silver piece that I can incorporate into my jewelry designs. I also dye, felt, and quilt silk fibers into fabric that I use in my cuff bracelets.


Kat's Creations

My husband and I batik and dye clothing/apparel, and wall hangings, using a traditional batik method of melted wax application to fabric and high quality dye. We also dye hemp and make dog leashes out of it. We have a range of products from hats and scarves to t-shirts as well as dresses and button down dress shirts.


Fairies Welcome / Grateful Beads

My booth is like stepping into a flower fairyland. Flowing silk and lace covers the inside booth frame and colorful flags decorate the outside. My items are all 100% handmade by me in my home studio. I even make many of my components: I dye the velvet for my velvet rose hair accessories, make the rose petal beads for my necklaces, and collect moss and sticks for my fairy ornaments and flags.


Soft Touch Imaging

My work consists of customized photos, greeting cards, jewelry boxes, and large format pictures from giclee to canvas. 

My photography is like my own form of media, my vision is my paint brush.


The Fiddle Guy

I sell mostly stringed instruments: violins, cellos, ukuleles, guitars, mandolins, banjos, hand drums, didgeridoos, children's musical toys, tuners, and strings, etc. Instruments are both vintage restored and new.


Mahanahula Creations


A variety of beautiful creations designed and made from my heart and soul inspired by beauty, love, and dancing in the sun...from the desert to the sea, to the jungle to the mountains and always back to the sea again, I am constantly inspired by life and nature and love.

I love  creating anything and everything... jewelry design, beadwork, wirework, painting, drawing, sculpture, fashion design, sewing, screenprinting, photography... just to name a few of my passions.

I have been creating since I could move my hands, and my drive to make things seems to only get stronger every day. I recently moved from the Big Island of Hawaii to the Santa Cruz mountains.

Sacred Coyote Designs

I am a small jewelry artist working with beads, Precious Metal, Clay & Wire Wrap to create unique items. I buy as much of my materials locally as possible and I am inspired by nature and my Native American Heritage. I have an eclectic collection of items which appeals to a wider variety of customers.


The Crafty Fox

Self-made lampwork glass bead jewelry and ornaments, fused glass plates, plaques, night-lights and ornaments.  Lots of unique glass goodies!


Brenda's Face Painting

Imaginative Face & Arm Painting for kids and adults too. Watch the delight as kids see themselves transformed in the mirror! We use safe, nontoxic, professional face paint that washes off easily with soap, and is bright and beautiful. 


Primal Henna Arts

I make my own henna paste and create all the work in the moment. The henna art that inspires me is based on 1930's art nouveau, North African henna styles and Indian henna design.


Sunflower Jewelry

All my jewelry is hand made by me. I purchased my gemstones at the world renowned Tucson, AZ Gemshow. I have a lot of gemstone jewelry you can't find in California. I wrap my gemstones with sterling silver, 14 gold fill or 14k rose gold fill.

Sal's Rascals

Hats for children and adults. Festival hats (straw hats, wide brimmed hats, cowboy hats). Fun hats like fish, frog, and dog hats . Children's wide brimmed cotton sun hats. Batik sun visors.  


Lighten Up Tie Dye Worx

100% hand dyed, tie-dyed clothing for men, women and children


Zelda Jewelry

Massage of Boulder Creek

Enjoy 10-20 minute massages at the Faire!


SCM Clothing

Locally designed & printed Santa Cruz Mountain themed apparel. Featuring custom designed clothing & local art. All of our apparel is conceptualized, drawn, designed and printed at our shop in Ben Lomond, Ca. by partners and lifelong residents, Jared & Cindy. We also feature a space for local artists to showcase their unique, mountain inspired artwork.  


Damselfly Designs

Handcrafted jewelry inspired by natures elegance, featuring birds, branches and colored glass.

Wood 4 U

Using recycled redwood mainly I craft toys, planters, birdhouses, shelves, tables, clocks, picture frames, and more. 

In the Redwoods

My shop features fabric and crochet soft goods including coffee cozies, coasters, glasses cases, scarves, baby hats, balloon balls (reusable toy for kids etc.), rainbow heart quilted t-shirts, crochet afghans, and quilted baby blankets. Sewing and crochet have been my passion for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I'd take fabric scraps from my mom's projects to sew clothes and blankets for my dolls. My inspiration is for reusable items that are also pretty and fun to use. One of my biggest sewing accomplishments to date was my own wedding dress, along with the bridesmaid and groomsman outfits. The crochet hook is my tool of choice when it comes to yarn, and you won't often find me without a bit of yarn and a work in progress. I usually make up my own patterns as I go along, and I enjoy teaching others to crochet. The name "In The Redwoods" came from my love of the forest, especially in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where my family and I live.


Om Gaia Tree & MurKobEye

For the last nine years, Om Gaia Tree (based in Felton and Santa Cruz), has been creating comfortable, funk-tional, festival wear and daily wear for both men and women. We carry unique and refined original designs made with fabric that we hand-pick: WOMEN' pants, tops, hoodies, leggings, dresses, skirts, and MEN's shirts, tees, pants, shorts, as well as hats, scarves, and other accessories. Our pieces last, as we have put them to the test by wearing and selling them at festivals for many years with positive feedback from our return customers. Our styles can appeal to a variety of people, from world travelers to teachers, farmers, yogis, dancers, musicians, and those in our very own local Santa Cruz mountains! We love Redwood Mountain Faire - it is a fantastic way for us to meet and connect with our Santa Cruz Community, and to share what we are creating!


Fiore Creation

Prints, hand painted goods, stickers, books, bags, and more. 


Opal's Upcycled Notions

I focus on finding vintage items and up-cycle them into usable items such as spiral bound notebooks, journals, greeting cards, and other stationary items. I use vintage books, bingo cards, flashcards, buttons, ribbons, scrabble titles, fabric and other paper pieces.


Body and Soul Apothecary Project

The Body and Soul Apothecary Project was created to provide natural and alternative healing remedies to people in a way that is easily understandable, earth loving, and self-empowering. I have created a line of products themed around the chakras/energy centers of the body. There are seven “lines”, one for each chakra. I sell gemstone leather wraps (that can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, anklets and headbands), gemstone malas, and dream catchers, as well as sugar scrubs, essential oil sprays, and castile soaps and candles. All items are hand crafted. Herbs and essential oils are home grown, cultivated, preserved, and distilled onsite whenever possible. Packaging is also selected to be as biodegradable and locally sourced as possible.


The Better Bag

Cloth bags lined in denim, reversible & washable. Will hold up to 25 pounds and last many years. Handmade pot holders and aprons also for sale. 

Bohemian Hollow

Bohemian Hollow makes crochet beanies, both slouchy and skullcap, as well knit scarves, cowls and wraps. I also sell upcycled clothing; skirts made from tablecloths, dresses from curtains and saris, and ponchos from gently used throw blankets. I also make macrame hemp bracelets, hip pouches, large market totes, hacky sacks, and so much more!


Intuitive Guidance by Melanie

Providing Intuitive Guidance by Tarot, I emphasize the positive side of change, encouraging clients to view challenges from different perspectives. My readings leave clients feeling relaxed yet energized, excited, and confident about the decisions they are facing. Change doesn’t have to be scary; let the cards show you elements you might be overlooking, transforming obstacles to catalysts! 



Hula hoops for adults and children and flower juggling sticks. When all you need is a hint of wild. Explore your inner creature with furry plush costume accessories handmade in Oakland, CA from post consumer/recycled/upcycled/repurposed fabrics. Great for any occasion or every day. For humans of all ages.


Mostly Sweet Jewelry

I sell individually fabricated cold forged precious metal jewelry in simple elegant designs. The designs are inspired by the character of the place I call home, Yosemite. I feature handmade hoop earrings, crescent moon necklaces, nature-inspired designs and a simplicity collection. Each piece is handmade from precious metals for those who will adore it too much to take it off. My jewelry features nature inspired components hand sculpted in metal clay. I create all the jewelry myself, in my home studio near the gate to Yosemite National Park.


M David Mandolins

I am still exploring and learning my way around this instrument called the mandolin, and I haven’t settled on a single design or set of dimensions or the perfect combination of woods and hardware and finishes.  And, given the infinite number of possibilities and variations to explore, I can imagine I will never run out of things I want to test or experiment with or techniques I’d like to try. That said however, I do have some preferences and some natural inclinations: I love natural wood and clear, satin finishes and I like modern interpretations of classic designs.


One-of-a-kind Tie-Dyed Clothing

One-of-a-kind tie-dyed clothing for men, women, and children. Hand-dyed on natural fiber garments. Vogue styles and colors.


Alissa B Custom Jewelry

Alissa B is unique, handmade gemstone beaded jewelry with pounded copper, chain, and sterling silver. Alissa B appeals to a wide audience as it is versatile, from blue jean to bridal, ranging from small simple and classy to large boho and sassy. Pieces include our signature gemstone beaded cocktail rings, thick intricate cuff bracelets, long chain necklaces and a wide variety of one of a kind earrings. Average retail price point is $49.


KIDIA Kreations

I make wrap bracelets, charm bracelets, chainmail, and earrings. I'm constantly trying to add new ideas and types of jewelry that I make.


Creative Illusions

Driftwood birdhouses, planters & mobiles with rustic eclectic pieces. Mountain, beach & whimsical themes.

Hilde Hauc Collection

I make home decor items. Flour sack towels, candles, lip balms, bags, and more.


Dickinson Glass

Using borosilicate glass and incorporating 24k gold and pure silver to specialize in fume implosion techniques, my work ranges from wearable art to wine glasses and sculptural pieces.


Sky Millinery

I make quality handmade one-of-a-kind felt and straw hats and accessories. 


Faerie Goatmother

We sell organic goat milk soap and lotion and also have what we call the "Olfactory Playspace" -- a facet of our booth that invites customers to invent their own perfume, scent their own deodorant, lotion, room spray, toilet spray, etc. Our booth is fun, interactive and professional.


Jesse Gabriel Photography

Photo booth provided for Faire attendees.  Visit us online at www.getphotobooth.com/#be-beautiful