All Good from the Woods

Being in my booth is like stumbling into the woods and finding treasure. My goal is to honor the woods. I am an artist based out of Big Bear Lake, CA and am a conscious, compassionate scavenger of the wild. I forage, mine and gather my own materials from our public lands all over CA and create from the soul, one of a kind jewelry. All the Crystals, Chrysocolla, Amazonite, Agate and Epidote in my jewelry are mined by me personally in the San Bernardino Mountains, Eastern Sierras and Mojave Desert. I collect only what is in abundance and pieces that I am confident will be put to use. Every fall my husband and I dedicate two months to foraging. Not just for the joy of wild eats, but gathering mushrooms, moss, lichen and foliage to make molds for silver and dehydrate and set behind glass. I am constantly growing and falling deeper in love with silversmithing and with every changing season, inspiring me to incorporate some of natures delights into heirloom quality fine silver goods. 

all good woods.png